Another Country Adds Spain to Travel Blacklist and Enforces Mandatory Quarantine

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Hungary is the latest country to add Spain to a travel blacklist as it no longer sees it as a ‘safe destination’. It will now be forcing travellers who arrive from Spain to submit two negative PCR tests within five days or undergo a mandatory two-week quarantine.

Spain has gone from “green” to “yellow” on the Hungarian danger list that showcases what the COVID situation is in each country. This measure, which was justified by the spike in positives cases in Spain, will enter into fruition tomorrow, on August 7. The MTI agency reported that the risk of contracting the coronavirus in Spain is no longer low.

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Travellers arriving in Hungary from a country with a “green” category can enter without restrictions. However, if they arrive from a “yellow” one they must undergo a 14-day quarantine or submit two negative tests within five days and these tests must be 48 hours apart.

Most of the countries of the European Union are in the “green” category, although some are in the “yellow” category. These “yellow” countries are Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Romania, as well as other countries outside the bloc, such as Serbia, Russia, the United States or China.

In the red category, which implies that travellers cannot enter Hungary, are, amongst others, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Ukraine, as well as most Asian, American and African countries. In Hungary, there are currently 4,564 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 599 people have died since the start of the pandemic


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