Anti-Maskers Cause a Ruckuss in Spain’s Costa Blanca

Anti-Mask: Many people are against the mandatory use of masks. Twitter @Itsjustrosiee

A pair of violent anti-maskers have been arrested on Spain’s Costa Blanca after injuring a police officer. Since the majority of autonomous communities in Spain made masks mandatory at all times, there has been a great deal of controversy regarding their use.

Masks in the summer and in scorching temperatures are sometimes uncomfortable. However, it is a regulation that has been put in place for the greater good of society and the most vulnerable populations. The most common Covid carriers in Spain are now young adults as they have started letting their guard down in regard to security measures. However, the most vulnerable population is our elderly population who have been worst affected in Spain.

The pair of anti-maskers in Costa Blanca’s Valencia were two young adults, one aged 19 and the other aged 25. The youngest was arrested for crimes of disobedience and resisting arrest, whilst the older individual was arrested for attacking an officer.


According to the Local Police in Valencia, the anti-maskers were both foreign, one was from the Ivory Coast and the other from Cuba. The Cuban man was found with five cocaine as well as 150 grams of cocaine in a liquid form. Some anti-maskers believe that enforcing the use of masks will only lead to enforcing the use of a vaccine and this is why they so fiercely oppose them. Hopefully, this pair of anti-maskers in Costa Blanca have learnt their lessons!



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