Virologist Who Fled China Claims Covid Was Created in Chinese Military Lab

Li-Meng Yan: Chinese virologist. Credit: Youtube Fox News

THE virologist who fled China, Li-Meng Yan, claims that the coronavirus was created in a Chinese military laboratory. This virologist is well-known in the international media for fleeing to the United States after claiming that her country has lied about the coronavirus and that they wanted to kill her.

Li-Meng Yan told Fox News that the Chinese government censored her work and her findings, which could have been used to save lives around the world. Her supervisor asked him to conduct a “secret” investigation into the coronavirus in late 2019, she claims.

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Whilst studying the virus, she says she observed that her findings came from a research facility that is linked to the People’s Liberation Army. Furthermore, she claims that the Wuhan market was “used as a lure” to deviate the public’s attention.

However, the university where she studied denies that Li-Meng Yan carried out this investigation about the transmission of coronavirus from person to person.

Despite her claims, a study published in the Nature Microbiology Journal confirms that the virus has been around for somewhere between 40 and 70 years amongst bats and that the virus jumped from them to humans. The study also ruled out the artificial creation of this virus through genetic manipulation.


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