Copper on Costa Blanca Tests Positive for Covid and Causes Chaos Amongst Police Force

Local Police: Town in Costa Blanca temporarily loses police force Credit: Shutterstock

A COPPER on Costa Blanca has tested positive for Covid-19, causing chaos amongst the police force as all officers must self-isolate. This incident has occurred in the town of Cocentaina in Alicante.

Now this town has no Local Police officers as all of them must quarantine until they are sure that they do not carry the virus. However, this quarantine should not last too long, at least until August 4, as they will be tested to ensure they are not positive for coronavirus.

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This municipality, in the interior of the Costa Blanca province of Alicante, has a population of around 11,000 people. The town is located between the Serpis river and the hills of Serra de Mariola, a national park.

The Local Police officer was first diagnosed as positive for Covid-19 on Friday and now his diagnosis has caused chaos amongst the rest of the police force as they must all self-isolate. However, the Guardia Civil is taking over their duties and patrolling more than usual in the area to cope with the loss of the Local Police presence.


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