British GP in Spain’s Costa del Sol Angry that only Half Adults Practice Social Distancing when Meeting Others 

British GP on Spain's Costa del Sol complains about the lack of social distancing. image: Twitter

A British GP working in Spain’s Costa del Sol said he feels ‘Angry’ over the fact that only around half of adults adhere to social distancing rules and blames the recent outbreak in a discotheque in Huelva Spain on such behaviour.

Keep your distance!

“What is wrong with people?” said Dr Rupert Hayman.”It’s not rocket science, keep your distance from each other, it’s simple. Otherwise, be prepared for the consequences, just look at what happened at Huelva in the North of Spain. People have to realise that in the media they speak of the ‘R’ rate, the ‘R’ rate is a key measure used to find out the rate at which one infected person is likely to spread coronavirus. If we can keep that to zero soon enough the virus will slowly disappear. However, if we go on ignoring social distancing we will be back to square one- like in March this year!”.


He has a point, businesses on the Costa del Sol are suffering badly as a result of the crisis, unemployment is at an all-time high and the economy cannot survive much longer without the tourists. Police in Chipiona Spain however recently took to social media to thank beachgoers for actually practising social distancing. Video credit ABC news.

Dr Hayman went on to say:”See that video, that’s exactly what everyone should do, it’s all about being responsible adults. There are at the moment 10 cases of coronavirus in Marbella, lets hope it stays at that or we will be looking at a return to lockdown and nobody wants that!”.



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