Portuguese Miracle Mask Is Now on Sale in Spanish Supermarkets

Portuguese Miracle Mask
MIRACLE MASK: Mask tissue Inactivates the COVID virus Credit: Eroski

The new Portuguese miracle mask is now on sale in Spanish supermarkets for €9.95. The mask has been tested and endorsed by the João Lobo Antunes Molecular Medicine Institute in Lisbon (MMI) for its ability to inactivate the virus.

According to the virologist of the MMI, Pedro Simas, the masks show “an effective inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 even after 50 washes, observing a 99 per cent viral reduction after one hour of contact with the tissue.”

The supplier assures that this is a “highly efficient, comfortable and waterproof reusable mask that has an innovative coating that neutralises the SARS-CoV-2 virus when it comes in contact with the tissue.” Furthermore, the mask lasts up to 50 washes.


Now the mask is available in Spanish supermarkets for the modest price of €9.95. So far, the Portuguese miracle mask is only available in Eroski. This new product also has OEKO-Tex certification, which proves the absence of harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process, which ensures harmlessness in human ecological terms.

In addition, the Eroski supermarket chain has indicated that the Portuguese miracle mask is also certified for the respiratory protection of external particles thanks to the high particle retention capacity of its fibre/mesh material. the Eroski supermarket chain has indicated.

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