Partying does no favours

Partying does no favours
PEÑISCOLA (CASTELLON): Nightlife responsible for 59 Covid-19 outbreaks Photo credit: Fagairolles

NIGHTLIFE was responsible for the spike in the Valencian Community’s Covid-19 cases during the first month of “new normality.”

According to official Generalitat figures, cases originating in pubs, clubs and discos account for 10 per cent of the region’s outbreaks but practically half of its positive cases.

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There are currently 35 outbreaks in the region, with 22 located in Valencia province, seven in Alicante and six in Castellon.

Fifteen were linked to family gatherings, while four originated in “social” surroundings.  Three outbreaks were linked to hospitals, two were classed as “imported” while another in Rotova (Valencia) lacked official details.

Thirty-two of the 35 outbreaks led to 207 positive cases while the three others were responsible for 197 contagions.  In other words, the 8.5 per cent of the outbreaks caused 48.7 per cent of the region’s positive Covid-19 cases.

Gandia was responsible for 114 positive cases, Peñiscola for 59 and Santa Pola for 24.   The Generalitat’s Health department responded by closing down Gandia’s nightlife venues and carrying massive PCR tests in the two other municipalities.

Epidemiologists explained that tracing contacts at family or social gatherings is relatively easy but much more complicated in clubs, pubs.  Discos.


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