Arrested for Leaving Two-Year-Old Locked in a Car Amidst Suffocating Heatwave

Locked In: Baby locked in a car during 40 degree weather Credit: Policia Local Toledo

A heartless mother in Spain’s Toledo has been arrested for leaving her two-year-old locked in a car during the suffocating heatwave experienced over recent days. A neighbour in the capital of Castilla-La Mancha saw how the mother left her two-year-old inside the vehicle in direct sunlight during 40-degree weather with the windows closed.

THANKS to this nearby witness and their call to the 092 emergency services the boy was rescued from the vehicle. The Local Police in Toledo had to break the car windows to rescue the minor who suffered from dehydration. After this, the woman was arrested for leaving her two-year-old locked in a car and abandoning a minor.

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The police have reiterated that the interior of a vehicle is not the best place to leave a child, especially during the suffocating heatwave. This rule stands no matter how long or short the child is left in the car for. Such high temperatures have even culminated in the death of minors as they cannot take the heat.

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