Gibraltar Government Manages to Make £20 million and Kill Two Birds with One Stone

car parking
Some of the huge fleet of new vehicles Credit: Gibraltar Government

FOR some time there has been significant disquiet on the Rock over the number of new cars taking up space in what are supposed to be public car parks near the centre but the Gibraltar Government has struck a £20 million deal to sell space and release central parking.

Local firm, the Bassadone Automotive Group has agreed terms for the acquisition of two large areas, with one comprising the entire lower level underground car park and part of the upper level underground parking at the Lathbury Sports Facility well away from the congested centre of the city.

The other is part of the Europa Business Centre at the Dockyard, adjacent to the new premises being redeveloped by the Bassadone Group to house its new showrooms, offices and warehouses.


In addition, the Government has been advised by the Bassadone Group that it intends to relocate part of its international business from Portugal to the new premises at the Dockyard, thus allowing it to take advantage of secure storage facilities close to its highly specialised workshops.

Bassadone currently employs 320 staff in Gibraltar and this will increase with the opening of the new facility and transfer of business.


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