Street Drinking in Southern Spain Officially Prohibited

STREET DRINKING: Andalucia strictly prohibits street drinking. Credit: Twitter @salvemcampredo

Street drinking in southern Spain has been officially prohibited by the president of the Junta de Andalucia, Juana Moreno. More commonly known as ‘botellon’, this is an activity typically practised by youngsters in Spain. Young adults and teens will normally congregate in public areas to socialise whilst drinking alcohol, however, this common practise has now been prohibited.

Moreno has officially branded this activity during the health crisis as a harmful and dangerous pastime. In a bid to reduce the likelihood of transmission, Moreno is also considering limiting nightlife across the autonomous community.

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Moreno held a meeting at the Palacio de San Telmo with the mayors of the eight Andalucian capitals. Here, he highlighted the need for communication and his institutional loyalty with which they must face the pandemic and its consequences, together, as a community.

The Andalusian president has indicated the importance of loyal collaboration between provinces. This is something that he has always considered necessary, but even more so during times as complicated as the ones which we are going through because of the coronavirus crisis.

Moreno stresses that the virus has not gone away yet and that it is still with us. He insists on the need for compliance with sanitary measures to prevent the number of infections from increasing. Whilst also applauding the responsibility that municipalities demonstrated in regard to the pandemic and the effort, commitment and dedication of the mayors.

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