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SNUB: Two of the UK's main broadcaster will only televise No.10 briefings if they are newsworthy. CREDIT: Twitter

Knee jerk reaction

THE weekend brought a shock, sharp turnaround in the decision the UK Government made about lifting quarantine measures by an action to reinstate them, leaving British travellers and Spanish businesses reeling.


The decision was made due to two days of high numbers of infection across Spain that were mainly seen in Catalunya. As Monday arrived and the UK had firmly put their foot down Spanish authorities reassured that these outbreaks were under control.

Just as Brits were becoming accustomed to following the health measures in Spain and their panic began to dissipate, Boris Johnson’s own panic set in and a decision seems to have been made without sufficient time to allow people to even take in what Is happening.

Sure, he could be making the right decision, he could be protecting his people. If this is the case we should definitely be giving him a virtual pat on the back instead of shooting him down or attacking him.

Some might also see an ulterior motive in that the government made the decision to protect themselves from any further derision with the way they handle the virus in the early stages.

In making this decision have added another nail in the coffin for Spain’s tourism industry? If so, will this drag the UK’s travel industry with it?

Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol were understandably seeing lower numbers than recent years gracing their beaches and bars but companies had begun to find ways of working around that. Many had sunk the last of their money into remodelling to cover for safety measures in the gamble that it would pay off and lucky for some it had.

Maybe we should take a little time and ask that if our governments are just as confused as we are and can make such urgent and overreactive decisions is there a chance they could easily lift it again before the week is through?


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