Dead Woman and Injured Teen Left in a Ditch After Hit and Run Scandal in Spain

HIT AND RUN: Two women left in a ditch to die. Credit: Twitter @svbelalamo

A DEAD woman and injured teen have been left in a ditch after a hit and run scandal in Spain’s Madrid. The horrific crash occurred at kilometre six of the M-404, passing through the town of El Alamo.

According to the 112 Emergency services from the Community of Madrid and the Guardia Civil, the 18-year-old girl has been seriously injured. The first warning the emergency services received was a call at 8.15am. They were notified of the presence of two bodies left in a ditch on the M-404.

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The medical emergencies team rushed to the area, however, they could only confirm the death of the woman. She had several injuries, compatible with a hit and run, only thought to have happened hours earlier, which has caused outrage amongst the community.

The medical workers also treated the 18-year-old girl who was conscious but in a bad state. She is currently suffering significant injuries on her legs as well as traumatic brain injury. The teen has been transferred to the 12 de Octubre Hospital in a serious state. The Guardia Civil has now opened an investigation in order to clarify what circumstances this horrific hit and run occurred under.

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