Mask-Less: Over a Thousand Fines Dished Out on Costa del Sol

Masks On: Or Face a fine image- Twitter

THE Local Police in Malaga has sanctioned those who are mask-less with over a thousand fines on the Costa del Sol. Since the use of masks was made mandatory at all times on the Costa del Sol officers have fined a total of 1,376 people.

Therefore, this total starts from Wednesday, July 15, when masks were made compulsory for individuals aged six or older, on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space even if the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres is guaranteed.

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During the first week, the Local Police sanctioned a total of 1,192 people for this fact, with an average of more than 170 complaints per day. Furthermore, in a 24-hour period, from 07.00am on this Wednesday to 07.00am today, Thursday, the police recall sanctioning a total of 184 people.

The Local Police recall that such a large number of people not wearing masks “should not tarnish the responsibility and appropriate behaviour in regard to the fact that the majority of citizens have indeed been wearing them.”

Likewise, they have insisted that the officers of the police force “will continue to carry out their work with the utmost diligence and professionalism so that the preventive measures of public health are complied with to face the sanitary crisis caused by Covid-19, which has led to a global pandemic that we have not yet emerged from.”



  1. The fines should be higher if people cannot think of other people they deserve all they get. People are dying because of flagrant behaviour. No doubt Sean wants to not wear a mask, more fool him.


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