New actions to protect residents

Playgrounds closed: Comisión Técnica Reactiva of Rincon.Credit: Ayto de Rincon de la Victoria

THE Comisión Técnica Reactiva of Rincon has decided to keep the town’s children’s playgrounds closed and not to hold certain sports activities due to the possibility that safety cannot be guaranteed against possible COVID infection.

The commission, chaired by the Mayor, Francisco Salado, has determined that in the face of the emergency situation, sanitary security measures cannot be relaxed, especially when it is not possible to disinfect playgrounds at the risk of contagion they present or maintaining control of capacity at high participation sports events.


“We have to remain aware, the situation is still an emergency and we cannot relax… We are in an exceptional moment and we must protect residents, especially children, so these facilities will remain closed, ” Salado explained.

Regarding the protocol for the celebration of cultural and leisure activities, the Comisión Técnica Reactiva has agreed to carry out greater capacity control, hygienic measures and a reservation system.

The new actions are intended to reinforce security measures for upcoming events such as the forthcoming Comedy Festival. It is a decision that seeks to support the cultural sector severely damaged during the pandemic.


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