Club’s run for happiness will feed families

Feeding families: Club Running Playas de Torre del Mar Credit: Facebook

PLAYAS de Torre del Mar running club will join the ‘Kilómetros de Felicidad’ campaign for the second time, organized for the sixth consecutive year by the vehicle maintenance company Euromaster Spain.

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Due to the impact of the coronavirus this year the company wants to transform the kilometres covered during the campaign into food for the Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Madrid.

Therefore, the group will be running to achieve happiness for thousands of families who are struggling through a very hard time. Until now, all the running had been done through arranged races, however, Euromaster will now add ‘lost’ kilometres that runners do in their daily workouts into kilos of food for those most in need.

According to Rafael Sánchez, president of the Torreño club, “a workout can be done anywhere, anytime, and running any distance. To join #kmsdefelicidad you only need yourself, the shoes and the desire to go out to exercise knowing that we can also do it contributing to a good cause. All kilometres count. All our kilometres will feed.”


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