Costa del Sol Council Offers One Hour of Free Parking

Free parking for shoppers Credit: Marbella Council

ANXIOUS to ensure that Marbella business establishments are inviting to shoppers, the local council in collaboration with the Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Apymem) are giving visitors one hour of free parking.

So far seven car parks in the centre of Marbella have agreed to join this scheme which is due to last until October and more owners of car parks are being encouraged to join.

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For many, one hour will not be enough time, but from the car parks point of view, if the free parking encourages greater use, then overall business will increase for all.

It is argued that there will be a saving in emissions as fewer cars will drive around looking for above ground parking even though, the Council did reinstate the blue pay zones when the city came out of lockdown.

In due course a leaflet will be issued giving details of all the car parks involved and how to qualify for the free parking.


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