New Spanish Concept Makes Street Storage Space Available for Bikes and Scooters

Safe bike storage Credit: Novatecnic

A COMPANY in Sevilla which specialises in the production and installation of underground street rubbish bins has come up with a new innovation branded Novality which is a safe and environmentally sensible method of parking bicycles and electric scooters.

The concept is in many ways very simple and is the equivalent of installing a set of lockers on a pavement and has 10 units at each site.

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Each parking space will be secure and accessed via a door which is controlled by an electronic latch and will not only house a bicycle or scooter but has additional space to allow the storing of helmets and other belongings.

Through a downloadable app, the availability of parking in each location will be instantly available and users will be able to reserve a space in advance.

Traditional bike racks are not only open to the elements but are potentially dangerous as infection can be transferred by users whilst this concept reduces to potential danger quite considerably.


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