More exhibits for Museo del Mar

More donations for Museo del Mar
DONATION: Roman tableware from First Century BC Photo credit: Denia town hall

A COLLECTION of First Century BC black- and red-glazed Roman tableware has been presented to Denia’s Museo del Mar.

The black pottery from the Campagna region and the red from Pompei, was found by chance near Denia port by keen underwater fisherman, Manuel Sanchez Valentin in 1980.


These were left in deposit at the Denia Archaeological Museum at the time and Sanchez Valentin has now donated the entire collection of 81 pieces to the municipality.

Forty of the pieces are whole and in good condition, and the majority of these are now displayed at the Museo del Mar.

The pottery dates from between 80 and 70BC and, based on other finds, researchers believe it came from a large Roman cargo ship that had left the Bay of Naples and was shipwrecked near Denia.

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