Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is Meeting EU Heads of State Prior to Brussels Summit

Stefan Löfven and Pedro Sanchez in Harpsund Sweden Credit: Twitter

THE Spanish Prime Minister spent two days in Sweden prior to the European Union Leaders meeting in Brussels on Friday July 17 where the European Union budget and Covid-19 financial support will be discussed.

He hoped to persuade Swedish leader Stefan Löfven, to change his country’s position on the Covid-19 money as Spain is lobbying for grants but Sweden is advocating long term loans.

The pair also discussed their quite separate reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as climate change and digitalisation.


From Sweden he journeyed to Germany today (July 15) and in a joint statement with German Chancellor Angela Merkel it was hinted that Germany would be prepared to compromise over the request for grants but doubted whether all could be agreed in just two days.

In response Prime Minister Sanchez said that if that was the case, there should be a second meeting in July after observing that in his opinion the coronavirus pandemic had triggered the worst crisis in Spain since the 1936 Civil War.



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