Man on the Costa del Sol Arrested for Child Grooming

credit: guardia civil

As part of the ‘Albur 20’ operation, the Guardia Civil on the Costa del Sol have arrested two people accused of committing crimes against freedom and sexual compensation towards a minor, below the age of 10. The minor was contacted via a mobile application for sexual purposes.

THE investigation began in February after officers became aware that a 10-year-old girl had been contacted by two adults for sexual purposes via a mobile phone application – a process known as ‘child grooming.’


After installing the application, the minor began to receive messages from the detainees who after gaining her trust and knowing her age, sent her nude photos and videos of them asking for the same in return. He even threatened to tell everyone unless she sent them the photos.

The minor who was being coerced and intimidated blocked the users. After conducting a complex investigation the perpetrators have been located and arrested with searches being carried out in Andalucia, Navarra and Aragon.

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