Costa del Sol’s Got It Under Control

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Costa del Sol: Outbreaks Under Control image: shutterstock Photo

THE Costa del Sol’s coronavirus outbreaks are currently under control, the province of Malaga is experiencing four active outbreaks, however, there have been no new infections in any of the four circles.

There are no visible changes in three cases under investigation across the sanitary districts of Guadalhorce and Malaga, which encompasses a total of 26 people.

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The outbreak in Serrania de Ronda is still under control with one coronavirus case. The last health report includes one infection detected by PCR and nine hospitalisations as a result of Covid, one more than yesterday, although no patients are in the ICU.

The number of cured cases has increased to 35 people.

In the Arunda student residence for foreigners, in the La Paz neighbourhood, there are currently 56 people stuck in quarantine. The first PCR test conducted has turned out negative. The girl who was tested is the close friend of an infected young woman, who travelled with her from France to Malaga.

The results for the rest of the PCR tests are still pending. So far, they must still test four monitors as well as 52 Belgian and French students who live in these facilities. This is all because a young French woman tested positive for Covid last Saturday.

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