Man Arrested in Costa Blanca After He Refused to Wear a Mask

EXTORTION: Six arrests have been made. CREDIT: Policía Nacional Twitter @policia

A MAN in Costa Blanca has been arrested after he attacked a waitress who told him to wear a mask. The police under the Coexistence and Security branch of the Valencian Local Police were forced to arrest a 36-year-old man who allegedly assaulted the waitress of a fast-food establishment when she asked him to correctly use his mask.

The incident occurred at about 11.35pm last Saturday on the Avenida del Puerto area of ​​the capital when policemen were called by several people because a man had assaulted a worker of a fast-food establishment and later ran away, whilst a group of people tried chasing after him.

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Officers observed the alleged assailant on the same avenue, surrounded by several people who were rolling on the ground to try and get him arrested. At that time, the police proceeded to immobilise and shackle him.

According to the victim, she asked the man and his partner to wear the mask whilst they were both queuing inside the premises waiting to be served. The victim had a bloody wound on the upper part of her nose. She alleged that when she asked the couple to wear the mask, they ignored her and that the girlfriend of the attacker had threatened to cough all over the premises before leaving.


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