Spanish Province Hopes to Avoid Another Lockdown but Has 25 Active Outbreaks

CREDIT: Twitter

THE coronavirus crisis continues to develop in Catalonia, however the region is trying to avoid another lockdown, despite its 25 active outbreaks. A third of all of Spain’s coronavirus outbreaks are located in Catalonia.

The largest of them, in Lleida, accounts for the largest amount of new cases. Now that the State of Alarm is over, the Generalitat has all the power to decide whether the region should be placed in lockdown or not.

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The Director of the Public Health Agency in Catalonia, Xavier Llebaria, has explained that “The outbreaks in Barcelona are small and the cases have been traceable. Right now, field epidemiologists are scattered throughout Catalonia. Lleida is a problem, but there is a small population. ​On the other hand, if the outbreaks get out of control in Barcelona, this can become a serious problem.”

Llebaria also assured that the region is trying to avoid a second lockdown, although this goes against what the Generalitat argued around two months ago. Of the 25 outbreaks in Catalonia, Lleida continues to be the worst affected area. Catalonia has made an effort to live a normal life, especially since San Juan, when there were celebrations, although in a small manner compared to previous years.


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