Back to Work as the Sun Comes Out on the Costa del Sol

Donkeys are still considered beasts of burden Credit: Pixabay

THE Spanish political party Partido Animalista (PACMA) which exists to support animal rights and the environment has taken the timely step to remind the country of the situation of the Mijas Donkey Taxis.

It observes that the lockdown had mixed blessings for the animals as they were not used to transport tourists around the hilly Mijas Pueblo but at the same time were kept for long periods in what PACMA contend are totally unsuitable conditions where they were crammed into small spaces with little room to move.

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The Mijas Donkeys are popular with visitors but don’t have a long tradition of service, being introduced only in the 1960s as farmers were being stopped by the new breed of tourists who wanted to photograph their working animals.

Whilst some action has been taken to ensure that the weight of those riding the donkeys is now limited, many people, not just animal activists, feel that the time has come for the donkeys to be allowed to retire and that this particular enterprise should cease rather than resume this summer.


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