Mallorca field fire out

SINGED: The fire burned through 1.5 hectares CREDIT: Bombers de Mallorca Twitter @BombersdeMca

A TEAM from the Bombers de Mallorca firefighting service managed to successfully put out a fire which broke out on farmland between Montuïri and Lloret just after 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

CREDIT: Bombers de Mallorca Twitter @BombersdeMca

The firefighting service reported they managed to cordon off the area and get the flames under control.

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The firefighters then focused their efforts on ensuring the blaze was well and truly extinguished, and with the help of tractors set about removing bales of hay from the zone where the blaze started up.

CREDIT: Bombers de Mallorca Twitter @BombersdeMca

Also helping out at the scene were members of Civil Protection and of the IBANAT Balearic Institute of Nature.

By the time the fire was completely out it had burned its way through 1.5 hectares.


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