22-Year-Old Disabled Woman Brutally Raped in a Park in Spain’s Zaragoza

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An investigation has been launched into the brutal rape of a 22-year-old disabled woman in Spain’s Zaragoza.

ON Saturday morning the National Police were called to the Palomar de Delicias park in Zaragoza after a person called to report that a young girl was bleeding.

Officers confirmed that the woman, who suffers from intellectual disabilities, was attacked so they immediately activated the protection protocol and transferred her to a hospital.

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The case is still open and so far, there have been no arrests.

The attack on the victim was so brutal that she had to undergo emergency surgery as she was bleeding heavily from the sexual assault.

The young lady is currently in the hospital recovering from the assault whilst the police work tirelessly to find the perpetrator of the rape.

They are currently investigating her environment and known people as on the night of the rape she received a call from a young man. However, the case is still under investigation and there have been no arrests made.



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