“This is Not a Joke”: Infection Spreads as there are Already 58 Outbreaks Across Spain

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Oubtreaks Continue: Spain currently has 58 outbreaks image : CSM

The Ministry of Health has warned that the possibility of another uncontrollable outbreak is real as the infection continues to spread across Spain. There are currently 58 outbreaks across the nation and only three autonomous regions that are free from outbreaks.

THE region with the most active outbreaks is Andalucia who currently has 13. On the other hand, the only communities to experience zero outbreaks are the Community of Madrid, La Rioja and Asturias.

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has emphasised the importance of identifying the ‘patient zero’ of these outbreaks in order to ensure traceability and stop the spread of the virus. He also pointed out that, “this is not a joke,” quarantine can be imposed.

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The newest outbreak has been experienced in Extremadura’s Badajoz and health authorities have reported that they were able to effectively “control” this. The region has reported six new infections in the last 24 hours.

There are currently four regions back in Phase 2 restrictions – all in Aragon.


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