Rotary Club Murcia North makes 23 tonne donation to C0vid-19 food bank

CREDIT: Rotary Club Murcia Norte

The Rotary Club Murcia North has donated 23 tonnes of potatoes to the help families in a vulnerable situation due to the coronavirus crisis.

THE gift is part of a larger project called Agro-Rex, launched nationwide by the Rotary Humanitarian Foundation.

The Town Hall organised the transportation of the potatoes from Seville, which were collected “altruistically” by the Murcia company Carmen Natural Transport.

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They will be distributed among associations and families in need, as part of the ′Agro-Rex′ project, in which Rotary Clubs of Madrid and Pozuelo have also participated.

A club spokesperson said: “We want to thank Carmen Natural Transport for making the delivery possible in a totally altruistic way.”



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