Gibraltar Thanked for Helping Ships Rotate Crew

Last visitor Explorer of the Seas Credit: Bahnfrend CC

THE Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) has revealed that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many crew changes around the world were restricted and, in many cases, stopped altogether.

The shipping industry has had an important role in keeping all industries running during this time of crisis but now faces problems of its own.

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It has become increasingly more difficult to relieve ship personnel who need to be rotated and given their mandatory rest and down time ashore.

In this regard, the Gibraltar Port Authority has been advised that the International Chamber of

Shipping is encouraging all commercial ship captains around the world to sound their horns at noon on Wednesday July 8 to remind governments of the ongoing crew change crisis.

The action comes ahead of a critical summit meeting led by the UK government to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on crew changes.

The GPA has taken measures to ensure that crew changes can take place safely, adhering to strict Covid-19 protocols and has helped a number of cruise ships in particular to restock and rotate crew, especially as BA have operated regular flights between UK and the Rock.

For its commitment, the GPA has received special thanks from major maritime organisations acknowledging Gibraltar’s assistance in this matter.


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