US-Russian tension in NE Syria

Trump, Putin Syrian face off. Pic credit: Twitter

Observatory activists in Syria have said that a US military patrol has been stationed near Wanek village at the entrance of Al-Malikiyah (Dayrik) this morning.

According to sources, the US patrol aims to block any Russian patrol attempts to enter Al-Malikiyah.

Meanwhile, Russian forces intensified their patrols in the past few hours in Al-Malikiyah countryside, since a patrol toured villages on the Syria-turkey border to the villages Kasan and Qasr Deeb last night. The patrol headed this morning to Suwadik and Shukr Khan villages in southern Al-Malikiyah.

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Yesterday, Observatory activists monitored US forces blocking a patrol of Russian police nearby Al-Malikiyah city in north-eastern Al-Hasakah. Several US armoured vehicles were stationed on the road to Smelka crossing on the Syria-Iraq border and blocked the Russian patrol which was on its way to the border crossing.


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