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Does he have the answers or live in fear?

Habit forming

ARE we now becoming a world controlled by fear? With every ending conversation, email or text punctuated by a STAY SAFE, are we perpetuating our own worries and also projecting them on others whilst creating a constant circle of being scared.

Stay indoors, wear a mask, don’t pay in cash, work from home. The demands are growing and we are ensured that if we do what we are told we will have nothing to worry about.
Why should it take the threat of a virus to kill rebellion? Why should laws be created on the spot by people who have never had the experience of solving these problems?
With our fear and obedience, an obsession has grown, the world is magnified, your every thought and action is magnified. If you breathe outside will you die? Does that person in the street have that KILLER virus?
We are desperately painting ourselves into a corner with an endless pot of paint, it’s time to crack a window and breathe.
So have we been brainwashed, figures don’t lie, do they? The Government would never lie, would it?
We are now waiting with bated breath (behind a sweaty mask) for our next order from on high. Let’s hope that it is a habit we can break. It takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make it a permanent lifestyle change. We are now living a new lifestyle.
Maybe our next order will be to take back our freedom, to think for ourselves.. as long as we stay safe whilst doing it.


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