Mercadonas in Spain’s Costa Blanca and Mallorca To Test Facial Recognition Cameras and Ensure No Blacklisted Shoppers Enter

AnyVision: Israeli technology to be installed in Mercadonas Credit: Twitter @mikecoulson48

Around 40 Mercadonas across Spain’s Costa Blanca, Mallorca, and Zaragoza will install facial recognition technology to ensure that no blacklisted shoppers enter their stores.

This sophisticated equipment has been developed by the multinational Israeli corporation AnyVision. These devices will allow security officers to detect people who have been ordered to stay away from the supermarkets or their staff.

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This will only be used in order to scout out people who have a restraining order and who are prohibited from entering the facilities by the court.

The system will instantly recognise the violators of the measures by comparing images from the judicial cases. Robberies and theft have a substantial impact regarding the turnover of the popular supermarket (around 1%), it roughly equates to losses of around €250 million each year.

Starting from this week the technology will be tested across forty different supermarkets in Mallorca, Zaragoza and Valencia. The use of this technology will be “duly identified with information signs” which are “available at the entrances to the stores.



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