Benidorm’s bands gifted outdoor space to rehearse safely

REHEARSALS: Benidorm Council is keen to revive the town's music scene. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Benidorm

Benidorm’s three bands and the Cultural and Recreational Association (ACR) La Barqueta have been gifted an outdoor space to rehearse safely.

THE Department of Culture has offered the use of the multi-sport indoor track at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor, “thus helping them to resume their activity with the greatest guarantees of safety,” said Councillor for Culture Jaime Jesus Perez.

A well as the track, they will also have the use of the chairs and two changing rooms that are currently out of service.

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Perez said: “Usually the three bands of Benidorm and La Barqueta rehearse in their seats at their own locations. However, given the new situation generated by the Covid-19, which requires maintaining a safety distance of 1.5 meters, these physical spaces are not large enough to accommodate all the musicians who participate in the rehearsals and to meet the capacity.

“This is why the entities need a larger, open-air space in which to carry out their activities”.

He added: “Music is a fundamental pillar of the cultural life of Benidorm, and so the council wants to help the bands resume their normal activity, so that sooner rather than later we can enoy their concerts and recitals.”

The facility has been offered to the Union Musical de Benidorm, SM l’Illa, SM La Nova and the rondalla of La Barqueta


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