Bluefin tuna poachers nabbed by a Guardia Civil maritime patrol for fishing without a licence

RECENT HAUL: Intercepted tuna, ready to take ashore, credit: Guardia Civil

TWO non-professional fishermen face fines for fishing bluefin tuna without a permit.

Both were surprised by officers from the Guardia Civil’s Maritime unit when one was off the Javea coast and the other off Denia.

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The Denia angler did not possess authorisation to fish tuna or any other class of fish, leaving him open to a fine of between €5,000 and €10,000, the Guardia Civil revealed.

The open season for bluefin tuna began on June 16 and to fish them legally it is necessary to possess authorisation from the Ministry of the Environment and catches are limited to two per boat.

Once landed, it is necessary to notify the Fishing General Secretariat but some anglers fail to do so, in order to continue fishing.




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