8 Officers in Spain’s Lleida In Quarantine After Being Spat at By a Detainee with Covid-19

8 OFFICERS: officers in quarantine after being spat at. Credit: Twitter @barcelona_GUB

EIGHT Urban Guard officers in Spain’s Lleida have been placed in quarantine after a 21-year-old detainee infected with Covid-19 spat on them.

According to local news sources, the test which proved the young man was infected with the coronavirus was carried out on June 3.

Therefore he should have been quarantined in his home but he didn’t stay in quarantine nor did he attend his medical check-up. Since he did not attend a check-up they were not able to repeat the test to see if he had overcome the virus or not.

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The doctors involved in the case noted that there was no way to locate him and therefore he had not been subjected to any types of health control.

The eight officers who intervened in his arrest, custody and transfer have all been forced to quarantine.

They are soon scheduled to undergo a PCR test to determine whether or not they are infected, however, none have been tested yet.


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