Watch this Video from the Brixton Riots – 15 officers injured and police cars smashed after ‘street party’ erupts into a ‘street brawl’

Riots in Brixton South London last night as a street party turned violent. image. Twitter

Fifteen officers have been injured and police cars smashed up during a ‘significant disorder’ following a street party in Brixton overnight when drunk and violent party revellers fought running battles in South London.

THE footage, available on social media, shows a line of police retreating from crowds of people running at them with makeshift weapons on Cecilia Road near the Angell Town estate in Brixton.

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Secretary of State Priti Patel described the attacks as “utterly vile,” while a local resident said:

“They are out of control and you want to continue to ease lockdown? How were they allowed to have a BLOCK PARTY that had hundreds of people and it didn’t get locked off?”

Video courtesy of Just Larry- Twitter

She added: “And this wasn’t even the worst part, weapons were thrown at police, an abandoned police car smashed up, people’s cars parked smashed! Police driven out onto the main road by these disgraceful people, shame on all of you!”

One thug reportedly brandished a sword in the street brawl, while another smashed up a patrol car, officers were forced to back away from screaming crowds pelting missiles at them as the ‘street party’ turned into a ‘street riot.’ Lambeth Police had previously said they had received reports of a ‘possible unlicensed music event,’ a full police investigation is currently underway and further arrests are ‘very likely’ to be made said a police spokesman.




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