The Town Of Antequera, Málaga, Proposes Its Own Handwritten Edition Of Don Quixote

Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote. CREDIT: Wikipedia Commons

Antequera Council has presented a unique cultural and collaborative project, which consists in producing a handwritten edition of Cervantes’ masterpiece Don Quixote.

THE people of Antequera will have the rare opportunity of transcribing the 126 chapters that make up Spain’s most famous work of literature. The main objectives of this project are to promote literacy and reading but to also involve and unite the citizens of the town in this collective effort.

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The texts and illustrations will be written out by numerous individuals or groups and anybody wishing to participate can approach the Graphos stationary shop on Comedias street and collect a folder containing the selected chapter, as well as the instructions for the transcription.

The council states that their intention is not only to produce an edition of Don Quixote written by the people of Antequera, but for this to also be an inclusive edition of the famous novel. There will be a chapter in Braille as well as an audio one, available through a QR code. In addition, the Autism Association will collaborate with the creation of pictograms and the mental health association ADIPA will also contribute to the manuscript.

The council has encouraged all those who wish to participate in this very special project, which will remain in the history of Antequera forever.






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