Snake in The Post! Police in Costa del Sol’s Malaga Intervene a Suspicious Package

Snake in the Post: Seller in trouble for shipping the snake. Credit: Policia Nacional

Police in Costa del Sol’s Malaga have intervened a suspicious package after they found that someone was trying to send a snake in the post.

THE Nature Protection Group in Malaga has already identified the seller of the young snake who had shipped the creature illegally through a non-approved courier.

To ship a snake or similar animal, sellers must use a box with the appropriate ventilation, if not this can be considered as animal abuse.

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A few days ago, the buyer received the animal in this state and called the police to inform them of the seller who was shipping these snakes in a bad way.

When police got into contact with the snake seller, he simply replied that this was the cheapest way to ship it. However, this is a very dangerous practice as the box and journey could have caused the animal to die by suffocation.


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