EU Medicine Agency Gives the Green Light to First Covid-19 Drug

GREEN LIGHT: EU Gives COVID-19 drug go ahead. Photo: Shutterstock

The European Medicine Agency (EMA) has given its first green light to a drug which is specifically used to treat Covid-19.

THE medicine, remedsivir, is an antiviral substance which prevents the virus from multiplying in the body and has been given authorisation in the EU to be marketed as a medicine to treat Covid-19.

More specifically, the drug is for adults and teenagers aged 12 or above who have pneumonia and require supplemental oxygen.

According to the latest study, in the New England Journal of Medicine, which features this drug, patients recovered an average of four days earlier than the rest of patients who did not take remedsivir.


This is the first drug which treats Covid-19 that has been officially approved in Europe, however, healthcare professionals used an array of other drugs which have also proven to have some positive effects on the virus.

Now remedsivir has been granted a conditional marketing authorisation which allows the medicine to be sold throughout the entire European Union before having the complete data on efficacy and side effects. However, it is a promising step in the right direction as the drug has shown more benefits than risks.


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