France sees second Paris school close after new coronavirus infections within first few days of reopening

Schools to reopen with new measures. Credit: Shutterstock

SCHOOL’S in France fully reopened on Monday, June 22, however, within the first few days two Paris schools have shut their doors again when staff and a pupil tested positive for the coronavirus infection.

Yesterday (Tuesday) a primary school sent pupils home after a child and a teacher tested positive. And this morning (Wednesday) another primary school closed after a teacher also tested positive for Covid-19.

This now means that anybody attending the school, pupils and teachers, must now self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days, and be tested further.

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As France’s schools are almost ready to break up on July 4 for the summer holidays neither of the schools involved will be able to open until after the holidays.

French authorities are keen to point out that the closures are only as a precaution.

Ariel Weil, the local mayor to one of the stated “There is no cluster, it’s a precautionary measure taken by the regional health agency.”

“But when you think of all the work that has been done with the school principals and the teachers, with the application of such a tough health protocol,  meticulous cleaning of the premises by a private company, so that the school can finally reopen at 100 per cent capacity on Monday… It’s heartbreaking for all of us.”


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