Inflatable Pool makes a Splash after the Terrace of a house in Elche Spain Collapses under the Weight!!


The family had the inflatable pool installed on their terrace and were looking forward to making a few splashes themselves in the heat of the hot summer.

The pool contained 8,000 liters of water, weighing almost 8,000 kilograms, everything was fine until last night while the family was in bed (luckily) when suddenly and without warning, the unthinkable happened- the whole lot came crashing through the floor of the house!

Three adults and four children in the house at the time were amazingly not harmed but they were shocked, to say the least.

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The police report said:

“Firefighters and emergency services were called out to Elda (Alicante) after the roof of the terrace in which it was installed collapsed. The event was recorded around 6.30 this morning, luckily there was no one in the living room of the house, which is the room affected by the collapse.”

“Three adults and four children live in the house and the emergency services were called to a 37-year-old man due to an anxiety crisis and a minor with a leg injury.”



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