Was Small Liverpool Enterprise Britain’s Largest Supplier of Spanish Beer During Lockdown?

Making deliveries around Liverpool Credit: Lunya Facebook

THE husband and wife team who run a small restaurant group in the north of England believe that they may have become the largest supplier of Spanish beer in the UK during lockdown. Lunya which specialises in Catalan produce, survived by offering a delivery service in the Liverpool area supplying two types of Spanish beer, a range of Spanish delicacies such as olives and cheese as well as some British comfort food.

They had to give up their largest property in Manchester in order to keep their outlets in Liverpool going and are currently working with their landlord to sell their catering equipment from the closed deli.

With significant debts, they are looking forward to a return to some form of normality and the chance to return to their main role of welcoming customers to enjoy their food and drink on the premises.




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