Summer Set to Be a Scorcher for Spain’s Costa del Sol and the Balearic Holiday Islands

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ON THE RISE: Scorching Temperatures Expected in Valencia

This summer, Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands are set to experience some of the hottest and driest weather of the year, after a relatively warm spring.

SUMMER officially begins on Saturday at 23.44 (Spanish time) and the hottest weather in the nation during this season will be experienced in the archipelagos and the south of Spain. Summer will last a total of 93 days and 15 hours, finishing on September 22 which will give way to autumn time.

The state meteorological station, AEMET, has noted that on Sunday maximum temperatures in the Costa del Sol will reach 29 degrees Celsius and this will continue to climb over the week reaching highs of 30 and 31.

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In the Balearics, the same rule will follow as temperatures slowly begin to climb in Mallorca from 28 degrees on Saturday to 31 degrees on Thursday.


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