Medical Chief in Madrid Caught on Film Saying Older Patients at Risk Of Dying Will Be Denied Beds


A video recorded in March, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, has gone viral as it shows the medical chief of a hospital in Madrid saying that older patients who are at a greater risk of dying will be denied beds.

THE medical chief at the Infanta Cristina de Parla hospital in Madrid has gone viral after a video shows him giving his team a worrisome briefing, “It is possible that within the next few weeks, a patient of X age will be denied hospital admission because we need the bed for another patient who will benefit more from it.”

He contends that “the ICU beds from the Community of Madrid will be assigned to the patients who will benefit from it the most. Not due to gravity, but due to years of recoverable life. This is drastic. This is horrifying. I wish we did not have to experience this.”

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The medical chief also explained that “the elderly are not being treated in nursing homes,” instead they are given therapy for bacterial infection and if it’s Covid, bad luck.”


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