France’s famous Eiffel Tower to open next week welcoming tourism back to Paris

Eiffel Tower is now open to the public in the French capital. Credit - Twitter

FAMOUS French landmark the Eiffel Tower is set to welcome back visitors after its closure during the health crisis, however, those visiting should wear sturdy shoes as due to fears of new infections, the lifts will be out of bounds.

Employees at the Tower in Paris, which looms 324 metres over the city, were yesterday (Wednesday) preparing for the reopening on June 25.
Bosses said they will strive to become fully operational later this summer.
A series of new safety measures have been put into place and visitors will no longer be able to access any higher than the second level, and access will be only by stairs until the beginning of July.
The staircases will follow a one-way traffic system and anybody over the age of 11 must wear a protective face mask. Cleaning operations will be stringent and daily as of next week.
Eiffel Tower hygiene consultant Alain Miralles pointed out that, “The day cleaning teams will be able to clean all the points of contact every two hours, from the opening of the site to its closing.”
Those planning trips to Paris are advised to book their tickets to the Eiffel Tower online and in advance once the ticket office opens on Thursday.


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