Spain’s New Coronavirus Cases DOUBLES Again Today Raising Alarm

Imported Covid-19 cases are a huge concern, confirmed Spain's Director of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon. CREDIT: Salud Pública Twitter @SaludPublicaEs

Spain’s Ministry of Health has confirmed that the number of new Covid-19 cases has almost doubled again today to 141 cases, compared to 76 yesterday (Tuesday).

THE number of cases almost doubled yesterday too from 40 on Monday to 76 on Tuesday. Madrid is responsible for almost half of the new cases today with 65 of the newly diagnosed patients pertaining to the capital, followed by 24 in Castille y Leon and 23 in Catalonia. The total number of cases registered in the country over the last seven days now totals 1,578. Of these cases 538 were detected in Catalonia, 534 in Madrid, with four in Murcia and five in Asturias.

Spain’s total number of Covid-19 infections has exceeded 244,683 since the outbreak started, and the country ranks fifth in the world for the most cases of the disease after the US, Brazil, Russia and the UK.

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However, Fernando Simon, Director of Health Alerts and Emergencies at Spain’s Ministry of Health, has reassured the public today, stating that despite the small outbreaks the “trend is going downwards, and not affected by the increase in recent testing.” The current death rate from the disease stands at 27,136 with no Covid-19 deaths registered for the last 10 days, as reported. Currently, Spain ranks sixth in the world for the most fatalities from the disease.


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