Almuñecar’s Mayor lays down the law for the upcoming festival of San Juan in Spain’s Axarquia

New rules for the Noche de San Juan Credit: Shuttestock

THE mayor of Almuñecar, Trinidad Herrera Lorente, has signed a public notice with regard to the festival of San Juan and changes to the rules for the use of beaches.

The document states that the beaches will be closed from 7pm on June 23 to 9am on June 24, prohibiting anybody going there during those hours.

Lorente also says that crowds must be avoided, keeping a safe distance of at least two metres, both in the water and on the dry surface. “In case of not being able to ensure the maintenance of the interpersonal distance, it will be necessary to use a mask,” says the notice.

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It also specifies that “the installation of tents or camping is prohibited and that it is forbidden to use gas cylinders, flammable liquids, make fires, or have barbecues.”



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