Abusive Parents Arrested After Police Find Poisonous Traces of Cocaine in Baby’s Blood on Route to Costa Blanca’s Alicante

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The National Police in Spain’s Murcia has arrested a pair of abusive parents after they found high traces of cocaine in their six-month-old baby’s blood.

The parents and their child were driving along the A-7 highway from Murcia heading towards Costa Blanca’s Alicante when they suffered a car accident.

Once they were transported to the nearest hospital the baby underwent various tests. At the hospital, medical staff found high traces of the poisonous drug in the bloodstream of their six-month-old child.

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The hospital immediately alerted the National Police Force in Murcia who came and arrested both parents for abusive behaviour towards a minor and for crimes against public health.

Furthermore, the mother of the child was only 15 when she gave birth therefore her partner, the father of the child, has also been charged with sexual abuse.

This morning the father was taken to court and the mother, who is just 16 years of age, is now giving a statement which has been made available to her parents.


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