Dijon in France suffers three nights of civil unrest as Chechen residents avenge attack on 16-year-old

French riot police squads arrive in Dijon. Credit: Twitter

POLICE sources from French city Dijon have reported unrest as tempers flared on Monday evening after members of the Chechen community sought retribution for an attack on a local 16-year-old.

After a whole weekend of violence, around 150 armed people amassed in the city setting bins and a vehicle ablaze. It was also claimed that shots were fired into the air.
The chaos began on Friday night with those looking to avenge the attack carrying baseball bats carrying out “punishment raids”. Trouble continued over Saturday when around 50 Chechens appeared in the Gresilles district leaving a pizzeria owner badly injured by supposed gunfire. Then almost 200 people descended on the area on Sunday night.
An unnamed Chechen man had said the anger was fueled by local drug dealers attacking a 16-year-old on June 10 and that people had travelled from
“all over France but also from Belgium and Germany” for retribution.

Over the three days, six people were injured in the three incidents but no arrests had been made at the time of going to press.
An investigation has been begun into the attempted murder by the alleged drug dealers.

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