Town in Spain’s Costa del Sol Has 129 Workers Dedicated to Beach Safety

Mayor Mula with some of the beach personnel Credit: Fuengirola Council

NOW that people are allowed back on the beaches, each municipality is going to have to work out how to cope with the crowds, safety and social distancing.

The Fuengirola Council now has 73 personnel employed to look after the beaches and they will join up with 56 workers supplied by the Junta de Andalucia this summer.

Those on the beaches will be responsible for safety and security, lifeguards and health personnel all supported by technology including drones and an App that will measure beach capacity in real time.


As tourism returns, so the mayor, Ana Mula said “Fuengirola is a safe city, which has prepared for the new situation that we have to live in and which has all the requirements to offer all tourists a destination of the highest quality and safety.”

Sand will be cleaned on a daily basis and there are specially adapted waste bins, services for the elderly, advice on the strength of the sun and public address systems.


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